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What is a declaration of commitment?

A Wimbledon Debenture ticket entitles you to a first-class seat on either Center Court or Court No. 1 and offers an unrivaled view of tennis throughout a day of play at The Championships.

Compulsory tickets are the only freely transferable tickets and therefore the only legally resellable Wimbledon tickets. As such, they are sought after by everyone from Hollywood celebrities and music superstars to sports royalty, and since their introduction, demand has consistently outstripped supply. The AELTC is vigorously enforcing its policy against unauthorized transfers of non-mandatory tickets. Anyone who buys a ticket without commitment risks having their tickets canceled and being disqualified or banned from The Championships. The simple rule is “buy only bonds”. All promissory notes will have “Promissory Note” clearly printed on them. All tickets purchased through Tickets To Wimbledon and Premier Events are Coupons and 100% Genuine and Guaranteed.

Where is the registered office of the Notes?

Mandatory tickets are your guarantee of the best seats in the best locations on Center Court or Court No. 1 at Wimbledon.

The Center Court's mandatory seats are perfectly positioned in the central ring that runs around the court, almost flush with the Royal Box, and located between rows A-N. Court #1 bondholder seats are similarly located between rows A-Q. Exact seating details will be made available to note holders when tickets are mailed to them approximately four weeks prior to the Championship. We start sending tickets about two weeks in advance.

As one of the largest holders of Bond Guaranteed Royal Tickets, we are able to offer tickets to most venues around Center Court and Court #1.020 7283 4040ÖQUESTIONS.

are we sitting together

All reservations for two tickets are guaranteed to be made together. Mandatory tickets are usually issued and sold in pairs of adjacent seats. For bookings of more than two people, we aim to combine tickets and do so where possible; However, group bookings of three or more people may be split unless otherwise stated. Pooled seating may be infrequent and a per-ticket award may apply for guaranteed pools. Please call for more information020 7283 4040ÖQUESTIONS.

What does my ticket include?

In addition to seating in a prime location on Center Court or Court #1 for a full day of tennis, you have first come, first served access to most of the outdoor courts around the property. Noteholder tickets also allow Noteholder access to the Noteholder's premises and access to the Noteholder's lounges, bars and restaurants (subject to availability) which are designed as venues for Noteholder guests. Want more? We also offer our VIP hospitality. For more details,Click here.

Can I make a restaurant reservation for bondholders?

As a Bondholder of the Day, you have free access to bondholder lounges and bars. However, if you would like to reserve at any of Wimbledon's excellent pay-as-you-go restaurants, including The Renshaw and Champions Room, we offer a complimentary restaurant reservation service exclusively for Tickets To Wimbledon customers. Reservations are subject to availability. Please call for more information020 7283 4040ÖQUESTIONS. Although we offer mandatory tickets and meals, please note that we are not an official hospitality provider for AELTC or The Championships.

who will play

Compulsory tickets are valid for the specified court on the specified date and entitle you to enter the court to play tennis for the whole day. The order of play for the day is determined by the championship umpire and is usually announced around 6:00 p.m. M. the night before the date printed on the ticket.

Wimbledon does its best to offer a first class program on Court No. 1, but due to its prestige and superior capacity, as well as different ticket prices, Center Court has historically hosted the most attractive matches of each round. During the first seven days of the tournament, the aim at Wimbledon is to start at least three singles games on center court and court 1, often followed by doubles games when time permits, but always remember that with two games played away five sets are played, which are scheduled for the total distance of five sets, only two games may take place on this course on that day. Tickets do not entitle the holder to attend a specific game or round of play or a specific player.

When does the game start/end?

The game is scheduled to start at 1:00 p.m. M. in the central courts and n. 1 every day, except for the men's and women's finals, which are scheduled to start at 14:00. M. Play on the outdoor courts usually starts around 11 am. M. at 11:30 a.m. daily. The square opens at 10:30 am. The game usually ends around 21:00. M., depending on the weather, light and departure conditions.

Do children need a ticket?

Yes. Children over the age of 5 need their own promissory note. Babies in arms and children under the age of 5 are NOT permitted on the center court or court number 1. Children between the ages of 5 and 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

What about rain/roof?

Coverage on Center Court and Court 1 will minimize rain delays on both courts.

If a game is canceled due to rain, the covers will be opened first before the roof is closed, and the game will continue. Due to the changed playing conditions, players will fully warm up upon their return to the pitch. If, as determined by the referee, the planned stoppage is short enough, normal covers will be used and play will continue with the roof open. The Championship is an outdoor day event. Therefore, in good weather, the roof is only used when it is too dark to play without it.

Every effort is made to play with the lid open every day. However, 45 minutes before the start of each match day, the referee decides whether the first match will start with the roof open or closed. All originally for Center Court or Court No. 1 scheduled games are usually played to the end if possible and the roof may be closed due to rain or light. Any game added to the original schedule may be abandoned without opening the cap at the discretion of the referee. Due to scheduling restrictions, the game must be over by 11:00 p.m. M

What is a Wimbledon must?

Titles play an important role in the history and history of Wimbledon. The money from the bond issues will fund projects aimed at keeping Wimbledon as the main Grand Slam. Bonds are issued to the Central Court and Court Number 1 for a period of five years and bond tickets are freely transferable. The 2021-2025 Central Court Bonds were priced at £80,000 each. Only tickets marked "Bond" may be lawfully transferred or sold. You do not have to be a Wimbledon ticket holder to purchase a Ticket To Wimbledon ticket and there is no limit to the number you can purchase.

promissory notes

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Center Court is Wimbledon's main show court, hosting matches on all 13 days of the championship, including the men's and women's finals, and is considered the most famous tennis court in the world. It is the only court at Wimbledon to have a Royal Box, which is open to members of the Royal Family and distinguished guests by invitation only throughout the tournament. Built in 1922, the arena now seats 14,979 enthusiastic spectators each day during the championship. Introduced in 2009, the retractable roof ensures an uninterrupted world-class match day.

Center Court's mandatory seats are perfectly positioned in the central ring that runs around the entire court, almost in line with the Royal Box, and are located between rows A-N on levels 200/300. The blocks or sections are known as catwalks and not only indicate where your seat is on the course, but also which entrance you use to take it.


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The current No 1 Court opened in 1997 and replaced the previously demolished No 1 Court which had stood on the west side of Center Court since 1924. In 2019, the court's retractable roof was completed, increasing capacity to over 12,000. The titleholder seats on Court #1 are positioned similarly to Center Court, with Supreme View seats in the middle ring between rows A-Q.



The original debentures were issued in 1920 and helped fund the purchase and development of the current site of the All England Lawn Tennis Club. In the years immediately preceding the First World War, the All England Club expanded premises on the Worple Road site significantly to meet increasing public demand, increasing the capacity of Center Court and purchasing adjoining houses and gardens. However, when the tournament resumed after the war in 1919, the field still could not withstand the biggest ever crowd flow and, unable to expand further, the club looked for new facilities.

In June 1920 the club formed the 'Ground' Company with the principal aim of acquiring 13½ acres of land at Wimbledon Park, Surrey (the club's current location) and developing the land with a view to hosting The Lawn. Tennis championships and other competitions. To raise the necessary capital, the 'Ground' Company raised £75,000 by issuing 'A' and 'B' notes of £50 each. 'A' Bonds carried an interest rate of 7½% per annum, repayable on or before August 1947, and also entitle the holder to purchase a seat in the Center Court Grandstand for each day of Championship sessions up to and including 1947 at the prices charged at the said meetings are charged. "B" bonds bore no interest but entitle the holder to a seat on the Central Tribune for the same period without compensation. The bond issue was oversubscribed and increased to £100,000.

Due to the Second World War the Notes were extended by six years until the end of the 1953 Championship. In 1948 existing holders were given the option of extending their rights through to the 1959 Championship with a reissue of 2,100 Notes at £50 each. The money was needed to repair club grounds, including bomb damage that had not occurred in nine years, and to modernize center court and catering facilities. So the process went on and with the exception of one year, in 1960, the Notes were issued every five years.

Since the late 1970s, bond proceeds have funded many important development programs to provide better facilities for players, spectators, officials and the media, such as: These include the two-story pavilion in Aorangi Park, three new indoor courts and the renovation of Center Court No. 1 Court, including fully retractable roofs.

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