Monte Carlo Master Tickets | Tips, Hotels, Court Rainier III (2023)

Held annually on the beautiful French Riviera, the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters is the first of three outdoor clay court tournaments in the "Roland Garros Series" and is one of the most popular venues for top ATP players such as Nadal, Djokovic and Murray. The tournament takes place in the beautiful setting of the Monte Carlo Country Club, offering spectators world-class tennis and magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea. Many tennis fans also consider the Monte Carlo Masters to be a great indicator of who will do well in the french.

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As a travel destination, Monte Carlo is incredible. After a long day of playing tennis, you can relax on the beach or by the pool, indulge in luxury shopping at world-renowned designer brands, sample world-class cuisine from the world's top chefs, or party in the casinos. No wonder so many of the top WTA and ATP players claim Monte Carlo residency!

Monte Carlo Masters Rolex Schedule and Tickets

ticket options

Reserve your seats at the Monte Carlo Country Club

  • April 8 to 16, 2023
  • Exhibition Courts: Court Rainier III (Central Court) and Court des Princes
  • tickets dealerviagogo– While these sites are not “officially” endorsed by the Monte Carlo Masters, they do provide those who REALLY want to see the opportunity to purchase tickets in advance for their specific date, time and game. These are also VERY reputable companies with excellent customer service and 100% guaranteed tickets.
  • Qualifying rounds: April 8, 2023 (ticket required)
  • The direct website offers primary and official resale tickets:
  • Tickets available to the general public in October (1 week early for preferential sale)
  • Day sessions only

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Tips for participating in the Monte Carlo Masters

Take a look at all our greatTips for participating in the Monte Carlo Masters. We give you our best tips for watching the Monte Carlo Masters that took place last week and are still fresh in our memories.

We got tons of insider info on where to get the best seats, Monte Carlo taxis, the best places to eat, find the best driving ranges and get autographs and much more, so here's ours.The best Monte Carlo Masters tips.

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Rolex Masters Monte Carlo schedule

Ticket options:Monte Carlo Masters Tickets

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Highlights of the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters

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Hotel picks for the Rolex Masters in Monte Carlo

Go to the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters

There are some fantastic and beautiful hotels, all within walking distance of the MCCC from the west (MCCC) to the east (Monte Carlo city center), a total of about 20 minutes' walk along the beach.

Monte Carlo beach (relays and locks)it is a super sophisticated hotel next to the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters. If you're looking for a peaceful and relaxing vacation, a private hotel beach, polite and charming staff, first-class service and exceptional cuisine, Monte-Carlo Beach is definitely your first choice. Unique, luxurious, elegant and 1 minute walk from the tournament.

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Monte-Carlo Bay & Resort(0.2 miles) - Stay with the players! Located on the Larvotto peninsula and ranked as the best value for money in Monte Carlo, this property offers guests 4 hectares of landscaped gardens and stunning sea views. The hotel is decorated with tennis decorations during the tournament and many of the players and their teams stay here. In addition, visitors can enjoy a hotel-casino, spa, jacuzzis and a lagoon with a waterfall. The best thing about Monte-Carlo Bay & Resort is that it's about an 8-minute walk (0.2 mile) from the Monte-Carlo Country Club!

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Other hotels on the beach:Le Meridien beach square,Fairmont Monte Carlo

Hotels near Montecarlo Country Club

Experience the center of Monte Carlo

However, if you enjoy gambling and world-class shopping, you're better off staying closer to the city center and taking advantage of one of the hotels there.

  • Novotel Monte Carlo– Modern mid-range hotel, just 250 meters from the train station.
  • Hotel Metropolis Monte Carlo– Experience a mix of classical and modern architecture while being just 650m from Monaco – Monte Carlo train station
  • port palace, a 4-star boutique hotel and home to the legendary Grand Prix Circuit and Monaco Yacht Show (just a 5-minute walk from Monaco train station), is within easy reach of casinos, luxury boutiques, bars and nightclubs.
  • Hotel Hermitage Monte Carlo- If you want to do it all and splurge, you won't find a better hotel than this anywhere.Hotel Hermitage Monte Carlo, which offers a free shuttle service to the tournament. It's also very easy to hop on this bus if you're staying at one of the other hotels nearby, as guests of the Hôtel de Paris and Hôtel Hermitage benefit from a free shuttle service to the Monte-Carlo Beach Club, which includes access to the Club , sun loungers, buoys, umbrellas (subject to availability), changing rooms and towels.

Apartments for rent in Monte Carlo

We found some excellent and very affordable apartments right in the heart of Monte Carlo, 20 minutes' walk from the tournament or a train ride away. We also found an apartment that you definitely shouldn't rent! These apartments fill up very quickly and availability during the tournament is often low.

  • montecarlo apartment– on top of the beach, with views that last for days, right next to the Monte Carlo Beach & Tennis Club.
  • 2 rooms with terrace– City view, Wi-Fi, terrace, washing machine, close to the train station and casino
  • - DO NOT rent this apartment! It was a terrible stay and the owner is mad he arrived at 9pm. on our last night and he tried to throw us out because we needed the key to get out of the apartment the next morning. Seriously, don't ask, just don't book.

Insider Tip: If you're walking along the beach to and from the tournament, be sure to stop by the Miami Plage restaurant on the beach overlooking the ocean. It was our favorite meal of the time we were there and was a perfect place to relax after the final around 5pm. Do you want to support Djokovic? Eat at their healthy, organic restaurant, Eqvita.

How to get to the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters

Considering the traffic, it is highly recommended to arrive at the Monte Carlo Country Club by train. Get off at the "Monte-Carlo Country Club" station between Monaco and Roquebrune Cap Martin, located about 600 meters from the site. If necessary, you can also use buses 1, 4 and 6, which will take you from the train station to the Monte Carlo Country Club (free of charge upon presentation of a tennis ticket to the driver). There will also be free buses along the coast from the Portier roundabout to Avenue Princesse Grace. However, the easiest and fastest way to get to the Monte Carlo Country Club from your hotel is to stay in one that is within walking distance.

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location information

Monte Carlo Country Club
155 ave. Princess Grace,
Roquebrune Cape Martin, France
Monte Carlo, Monaco

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Thanks to the train service that stops at the “Monte-Carlo Country Club” station (between Monaco/Monte-Carlo train station and Roquebrune), just 600 meters from the gates of the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters venue, you can easily, quickly and comfortably to come to the tournament.

Passengers can also get off at the Monaco/Monte-Carlo train station and take bus lines 1, 4 or 6 from Monaco towards St. Roman or Larvotto to the Monte-Carlo Country Club (free access upon presentation of a tennis ticket) .


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Popular activities and things to do in Monte Carlo

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Previous Monte Carlo data

  • April 9 to 17, 2022
  • 10.-18. April 2021
  • Canceled 11.-19. april 2020

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