Viagogo Review – Is Viagogo legit? (2023)

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Who is Viagogo?

Viagogo is currently one of the largest ticket marketplaces in the world and was one of the first ticket providers to experience great success online. Since its inception in 2006, Viagogo has expanded to 160 countries and has established several lucrative partnerships with ticket companies for live music, events, and sporting events. With more than 60 websites designed for different regions of the world, Viagogo has become a global brand in a decade.

Viagogo prides itself on quality customer service and reliability as an online ticket seller for the world's most popular events. However, there has been a lot of criticism of Viagogo lately. Customer complaints include a lack of post-purchase support, high reservation fees, and other concerns. This review aims to provide an unbiased view of the largest online ticket market, keeping you up to date on the best providers available.

Can I find the tickets I want on Viagogo?

Without a doubt, Viagogo is a huge marketplace for tickets to some of the most popular events in the world. From Champions League finals to sold-out Lady Gaga concerts, Viagogo is usually very well stocked. You'll be happy to know that finding your tickets on Viagogo is a relatively easy process, thanks to a variety of search features on the site. You can use the search bars, change your regional and currency settings with the easy to use settings that can be found in the bottom left corner of the site. This makes Viagogo a great option when it comes to shopping internationally in countries like Australia, Hong Kong, or Singapore.

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Once you've found the event you want to buy tickets for, Viagogo has gone too far with interactive features. Once you get to the ticket options, Viagogo will flood you with the number of remaining tickets, their prices, and seats. All of these things are useful, but they also include scaremongering to get you to buy. For example, a warning sign with text that tells you how many tickets are left or how many people are viewing. That seems pretty intrusive, and Viagogo really doesn't have to be that cheeky to include this feature.

(Video) Martins Deals: Avoid Viagogo

Is Viagogo easy to use?

A well-stocked market is a big part of what makes a great ticket seller, but it's not everything. The ease of use of your service is just as important, if not more. This has become a sticking point with Viagogo lately, as we'll see later. But first the good. Viagogo does not require you to register before using the service, which saves you a lot of time if you don't plan to use Viagogo often. They also accept direct payments and Paypal to make it easy for you to pay for your tickets. They also offer e-tickets for an easy delivery method that almost guarantees you'll get your tickets on time.

Viagogo Review – Is Viagogo legit? (2)Viagogo Review – Is Viagogo legit? (3)Viagogo Review – Is Viagogo legit? (4)

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Unfortunately, the good things seem to stop there for Viagogo. There has been a lot of criticism of his queuing system, which is a pain in the ass to say the least. When he buys his ticket, he's forced to stand in a rather unpleasant queue for about ten minutes while being inundated with announcements of how many people are trying to get the ticket he's waiting to buy. This horrible user experience needs to be addressed as it happens with every transaction and wastes a lot of time.

(Video) Viagogo boss apologises to MPs over ticket resale inquiry no show | ITV News

What Viagogo is doing here is a well-known sales practice known as the scarcity tactic. In short, we don't want to give up something we like, like B. popular football tickets. That's why Viagogo reminds us at every possible opportunity how few tickets you're looking at. They have pop-ups, giant red letter notifications, and queuing systems that make you wait to convince you to buy from them. The real problem, however, is how poorly they have incorporated this tactic into their queuing system.

Does Viagogo have customer service?

Being able to trust your ticket agent when things go wrong is a very important part of what separates the good from the bad. There are many ticket resale platforms, most with a guarantee and some kind of customer support, but with different levels of quality. Viagogo advertises a 100% money-back guarantee if something goes wrong with your ticket, as well as professional customer support.

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Unfortunately, many customers have noticed that Viagogo has voided their warranty on some places, leaving them dry. For this reason, their "warranty" should definitely be treated with a grain of salt. Worse yet, customer support has earned a reputation for being relatively absent when customers ask for help. Judging by customer feedback, some major improvements are definitely needed for Viagogo to reach a reasonable level of customer support.

How cheap are tickets on Viagogo?

Ticket scalping works on the basis of involving an intermediary in your transaction. It's great for getting tickets to high-profile events, but as a result, you end up paying more than face value for the tickets. Therefore, the total value of the tickets is determined by the market where they are sold. Fortunately, Viagogo has a thriving market that allows for relatively competitive prices on its tickets.


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That said, Viagogo is cutting back too, and they can get pretty greedy. Despite having a huge market, Viagogo charges an incredibly high booking fee, or in other words, its portion of the service it provides, for its tickets. While these booking fees vary, some of the most popular events have fees as high as 30%.

Even worse than high booking fees are Viagogo's hidden fees. You won't even know about these "processing fees" until you checkout. So if you're not looking, you might miss them. In general, this is a dirty tactic and it is not a cheap or reliable service.

Is Viagogo safe and reliable?

People tend to have some security concerns when using ticket vendors. While scammers were a common problem in the early days of online ticket touting, the industry has managed to control this problem over time. Following the industry trend, Viagogo has enhanced its online security to ensure a secure platform for users. Buyers are protected with McAfee Secure, so every transaction is protected.

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However, if something goes wrong, you'll have to rely on your problematic "guarantee" again. This is something Viagogo is really condemning right now, as it's hard to trust a company that isn't secure or trustworthy. With recent reports that Viagogo is withdrawing its customers' warranties, there is no safety net customers can rely on in case things go wrong.

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Viagogo, as a company, is currently based out of Switzerland, which is a well-known corporate tax haven. For customers, this means that Viagogo is not subject to UK or even EU regulations designed to protect consumers. Unlike other providers, Viagogo is much less liable if something goes wrong with a transaction on its platform. This is definitely something to consider before using Viagogo.

Should I use Viagogo?

Viagogo has long been the biggest and best in the online ticket reselling business. While they are still the biggest, they have arguably lost the title of the best. With a number of customers reporting poor customer service and not honoring their own guarantee, Viagogo has seriously damaged their online reputation.

@viagogoI bought 2 tickets for £95, the invoice said it was a £110 ticket. Why did this total £300.97?

– Tom Rycraft (@tomrycraft)February 6, 2017

Public Warning: NEVER USE@viagogofor tickets Completely unacceptable, ripped off, never again! 😡#viagoobigignono

(Video) Should You Buy Euro Cup Match Tickets From Third-Party Websites - Viagogo

—Jess Fox (@JessFoxxx)February 6, 2017

#Africawake up! They are being looted by another company based in Europe. DO NOT buy tickets online from#viagogo #South Africa #Nigeria #Egypt

— Lirio (@lizelle_lily)February 6, 2017

No@Viagogo. I'm starting to get the feeling that you know you've cheated on me and you don't want to talk to me. I reported your scam.

— Rock geek girl (@ChicaRockGeek)February 6, 2017
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